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Are your hormones getting you down?
  • Unbearable PMS
  • Heavy, painful or even non-existent period
  • Feeling irritable, sluggish, overwhelmed
  • You no longer feel in control of your emotions
  • Pregnant or finding it hard to get pregnant
  • Your hormones affect your day-to-day life
  • All your efforts so far have not really made a difference
  • You have found the side-effects of conventional options unpleasant
  • Your doctor can’t find anything medically wrong with you
Gain back some control with homeopathy
  • Feel in control of your body and emotions regardless of the time of month
  • Restore balance to your body improving sleep, energy levels and mood
  • Detox your body to relieve the side-effects of medications like HRT and hormonal contraceptives
  • Use a treatment that focuses on the cause of your health problem and is individualised for your own unique needs
  • Natural homeopathic remedies stimulate healing and restore balance back to your body and mind
  • Homeopathy is safe, effective and without side-effects.
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At the age of 30 years – I have suffered with hormonal issues and imbalance since my mid-teens. I was on the contraceptive pill for 10 years which was very detrimental to my health. Claire has helped me detox from the Pill as well as find a solution to my acne riddled skin. The treatments took long to ‘kick in’ but after about 3-4 weeks I have noticed a vast improvement in my skin and the severity of the pimples I am getting. I also had my first pain free menses..in years! No migraine, no cramps..it can only get better! I look forward to the next phase of treatment with Claire on this healing journey.

Wendy Bushula

Thank you Claire, for helping me back to balance! I suffered with horrible migraines monthly for over 20 years and within 5 months, they have almost entirely gone! I never realised I could be free of them and just resigned myself to believe that it was “just the way I was”. My doctors had only ever prescribed pain killers and I didn’t once have a conversation with them to try to uncover the source and to work with this to find balance again. You have been a great healer – looking at me as a whole person, considering everything in my life and looking for clues about what might be causing the headaches in the first place. You are very intuitive as well and on a number of occasions you managed to uncover things about me, that I hadn’t been able to see for myself and then prescribed me balancing remedies, that have worked like magic! The whole process has been both enlightening and really easy for me and I HIGHLY recommend anyone with any sort of pain, imbalance to work with you. Our bodies are meant to work wonderfully, we are not meant to suffer. Thank you Claire for helping me to come back to balance and to let go of those debilitating and very painful headaches, it means the world to me.

Julie Lines

I had terrible problems with my skin (pimples, cysts), I have had this problem for almost 10 years, since I was 13 years old and no doctor could helped me. At first I was prescribed contraceptive pills with antibiotics which I was taking for four years, my skin improved but still was looking sluggish and I had bad moods and depressions. After four years I had enough and stopped with it, my skin went to the same state as it was before which had horrible impact on my emotional state and the only solution all dermatologist were recommending for me was Roacutan. I wanted to try natural way of healing so I searched for a good homeopath in London and from many I found Claire seemed to me the best. She is very understanding and easy to talk to so I felt very comfortable in each of our sessions. It has been 10 months since I started homeopathic treatment and I have no more cysts and pimples, I feel more confident and happy! Claire helped me to detox from pill and from other toxins such as mercury I had in my teeth fillings, which was probably the cause of my bad skin. There is still a bit more to go to achieve a beautiful skin, but with these amazing results I have so far I am looking forward to my future consultations with Claire.

Suzana Senkova

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