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Extremely happy with my experience with Claire. I came to her with hormone and depression issues and she was able to help me straight away with the remedies she prescribed. She is incredibly knowledgeable, very thorough and I would have no issues recommending Claire to others. A lovely person and a wonderful homeopath. Thank you Claire!

Karen Zimmermann-Grant

Claire is a homeopath of extraordinary quality and expertise. I feel honoured to be a patient of hers. She ascertained problems that I was struggling to make sense of, which included immunity as well as hormonal imbalances. The treatments she prescribed were so accurate and effective, in merely a few months, I now feel like a different person. I owe her a lot! Thank you so much.

Gemma Moffatt

What’s your story?

Are you experiencing the frustration of suspected hormonal imbalances?

Mood swings, anxiety, low energy, and skin breakouts have become a regular part of your life.

The anticipation of your period fills you with dread, uncertain of whether it will be heavy, painful, or even show up at all.

It feels as though something changed within you during a significant hormonal shift (such as your first period, pregnancy, birth, or peri-menopause), or maybe your symptoms emerged after an emotionally traumatic event (such as grief/loss, bullying, abuse, accident, or illness).

You simply want to feel better, yet the path to wellness seems elusive.

You’ve tried numerous recommended remedies – herbs, oils, fitness routines, supplements, and diets – but haven’t experienced noticeable improvements.

Seeking help from your doctor, you may have been offered solutions like a coil, contraceptive pill, or anti-depressants, which don’t resonate with your comfort level or align with your preference for a more natural approach that addresses the underlying cause.

I can relate to your struggle because I was once in your shoes.

The problem with the “one solution fits all” mentality is that each person’s health journey is unique. Despite your best efforts, these treatments fail to actively support your body according to its specific needs.

What you truly require is a personalised solution that recognises you as a whole person, providing the necessary support to regain your energy, stability, and joy.

Tell me your story

Hi, I’m Claire, an experienced homeopath with over a decade of practice.

My personal journey led me to discover homeopathy after enduring the challenges of acne, menstrual problems, low mood, and burnout. The transformative power of homeopathy completely changed my life.

You can find more details about my story here.

My mission is simple: to empower you when it comes to your health. I provide the tools and support necessary for you to take control of your well-being. In our consultations, I dedicate ample time for you to share your unique story, enabling me to craft an individualised prescription tailored to your specific needs.

With homeopathy, we stimulate a healing response and restore balance in both your body and mind, all without resorting to chemicals. The result? You can feel like yourself again. Homeopathic remedies go beyond masking or suppressing symptoms; they address the root cause while alleviating discomfort.

If you’re ready to embark on a journey towards improved well-being, I invite you to book a free discovery call. I’m excited to hear from you and be a part of your health transformation. 



Claire is an absolute delight to work with. You might go to Claire with one thing to ‘fix’ but you will go on a journey and you will discover things about yourself that will help you in ways you didn’t even realise you needed help with. I can’t recommend Claire highly enough.


Working with Claire has been totally transformational for me and for my health. She brings a beautiful energy to the sessions, makes me feel comfortable when I’m talking to her about my difficulties and is always empathetic, gentle and kind. Claire is extremely knowledgeable about the remedies and has prescribed in a way that has enabled me to work through the mental and physical challenges I had, helping me back to full health. In particular, I used to suffer with severe anxiety, but since working with Claire I rarely get it. I also used to lack energy (feeling like I was moving through treacle), have painful periods and feel really overwhelmed by life. Now I’m back to exercising regularly, my periods have normalised and are lighter – I feel like I can take on the world! I trust Claire completely and would recommend her without hesitation.

Katie Sutton

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More hours available

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