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Extremely happy with my experience with Claire. I came to her with hormone and depression issues and she was able to help me straight away with the remedies she prescribed. She is incredibly knowledgeable, very thorough and I would have no issues recommending Claire to others. A lovely person and a wonderful homeopath. Thank you Claire!

Karen Zimmermann-Grant

Claire is a homeopath of extraordinary quality and expertise. I feel honoured to be a patient of hers. She ascertained problems that I was struggling to make sense of, which included immunity as well as hormonal imbalances. The treatments she prescribed were so accurate and effective, in merely a few months, I now feel like a different person. I owe her a lot! Thank you so much.

Gemma Moffatt

What’s your story?

You suspect that your hormones are out of balance.

On a regular basis your mood changes, you feel anxious, your energy dips and your skin breaks out.

You await your period with dread, it might be heavy, painful, or not even arrive at all.

 You’ve feel like things haven’t been quite the same since a big hormonal shift (first period, pregnancy, birth, peri-menpause) or perhaps some of your symptoms appeared after a traumatic emotional event (grief/loss, bullying, abuse, accident, illness).

You just want to feel better but have no idea where to start.

You’ve tried all the recommended herbs, oils, fitness regimes, supplements and diets, but not noticed much difference.

You turned to your doctor for a solution but don’t feel comfortable about having a coil fitted, taking the contraceptive pill or anti-depressants.

Or, perhaps you have already tried the conventional options but found the side-effects unpleasant, you’d prefer a more natural solution that targets the root cause.

I used to feel just like you.

The drawback with the ‘one solution fits all’ is that everyone’s health story is unique.

Despite your best intentions these treatments are not actively supporting your body in relation to what your body needs.

You need an individualised solution that treats you as a whole person, so you can feel energised, stable and joyful again.

Tell me your story

Hi, I’m Claire. I’ve been practising as a homeopath for over a decade.

I stumbled across homeopathy after suffering with acne, menstrual problems, feeling low and burnt out.

Homeopathy completely transformed my life.

You can read more about my story here.

My aim is simple, to help you feel empowered about your health by bringing you the right tools so you can take your health into your own hands and feel fully supported along the way.

During a consultation there is plenty of time for you to tell your story so that you receive an individual prescription specific to your needs.

Homeopathic remedies stimulate a healing response and restore balance back to your body and mind without the need for chemicals so you can feel like you again.

Homeopathic remedies don’t mask or suppress your symptoms and focus on treating the root cause as well as reducing unpleasant symptoms.

If you’re ready to start feeling better and want to know more, please book a free discovery call.

I look forward to hearing from you,




A discovery call gives you time to tell me more about what’s going on for you, ask me questions and see how I might be able to help.

Claire is an absolute delight to work with. You might go to Claire with one thing to ‘fix’ but you will go on a journey and you will discover things about yourself that will help you in ways you didn’t even realise you needed help with. I can’t recommend Claire highly enough.


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