Are you alone?

Jane* was sitting in my clinic room crying. ‘I feel so anxious and alone all the time. I’m sorry for being like this in front of you but I just can’t seem to control it. I’m sure you never have clients who feel like I do.’

The first thing I reassured Jane about was that she had no reason to be sorry and that she certainly was not alone in how she was feeling. In fact, many of tales she was telling me resonated within me too and certainly sounded similar to what other clients had told me before.

Is your health complaint emotional?

A lot of people come to see me for homeopathy because they have a physical complaint. Perhaps their periods are erratic, or they have never felt well since taking the contraceptive pill and are suffering with acne, IBS and other unpleasant symptoms.

During the consultation we begin the homeopathic process of uncovering how they became ill in the first place and understanding their individual symptoms, inevitably the conversation then begins to explore how they are feeling emotionally.

Some clients are unfamiliar with talking about their emotions. Mainly because when they have seen their doctor they have only ever been asked about what physical symptoms they are experiencing.

I remember when I was at University and was going through a particularly stressful period. I went to see my doctor as I was finding it difficult not to cry all the time. The doctor asked me questions about my sleep (fine), my eating habits (fine), my ability to concentrate (fine). The conclusion? That essentially as all the physical symptoms were ok, I was fine. Yet, I didn’t feel FINE.  If only I had gone to see a homeopath then!

You are not alone

Once clients begin to speak about how they feel they also want to be reassured that they are not the only ones to feel that way. This in itself can be very therapeutic but it goes deeper than that. It’s the idea that we are ‘normal’, that we fit in, that we are not an outcast.

There is a lot of comfort to be found in knowing this. So that’s what this blog post is for, to remind you that you are not alone. That there are people who feel just like you do, they have just developed coping strategies in order to hide it.

Celebrate your individuality with homeopathy!

But also, we need to take pride in our individuality and that’s where homeopathy comes in. A Homeopath will celebrate your individuality as each remedy we prescribe has a mental/emotional picture that is unique to any other remedy.

With thousands of remedies to choose from you can be assured that your prescription will never be 100% the same as someone else’s prescription. Sure, you might both have poly-cystic ovarian syndrome and finding it difficult to control your mood, but the way you express your emotional symptoms will be different. One person may find it easy to cry, others may not. Some need comfort, reassurance and lots of hugs. Others prefer to ride it out alone.

So next time a client asks me ‘am I alone in feeling like this?’ I will continue to reassure them that they are never alone but that they are also individual and together we will find a solution to they can feel well and balanced again.

To see if homeopathy might be of help to you, please contact me for a free 15 minute clarity consultation.

Until next time, have a happy healthy week!

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