Thank you Claire, for helping me back to balance! I suffered with horrible migraines monthly for over 20 years and within 5 months, they have almost entirely gone! I never realised I could be free of them and just resigned myself to believe that it was “just the way I was”. My doctors had only ever prescribed pain killers and I didn’t once have a conversation with them to try to uncover the source and to work with this to find balance again. You have been a great healer – looking at me as a whole person, considering everything in my life and looking for clues about what might be causing the headaches in the first place. You are very intuitive as well and on a number of occasions you managed to uncover things about me, that I hadn’t been able to see for myself and then prescribed me balancing remedies, that have worked like magic! The whole process has been both enlightening and really easy for me and I HIGHLY recommend anyone with any sort of pain, imbalance to work with you. Our bodies are meant to work wonderfully, we are not meant to suffer. Thank you Claire for helping me to come back to balance and to let go of those debilitating and very painful headaches, it means the world to me.

Julie Lines

I had terrible problems with my skin (pimples, cysts), I have had this problem for almost 10 years, since I was 13 years old and no doctor could helped me. At first I was prescribed contraceptive pills with antibiotics which I was taking for four years, my skin improved but still was looking sluggish and I had bad moods and depressions. After four years I had enough and stopped with it, my skin went to the same state as it was before which had horrible impact on my emotional state and the only solution all dermatologist were recommending for me was Roaccutane. I wanted to try natural way of healing so I searched for a good homeopath in London and from many I found Claire seemed to me the best. She is very understanding and easy to talk to so I felt very comfortable in each of our sessions. It has been 10 months since I started homeopathic treatment and I have no more cysts and pimples, I feel more confident and happy! Claire helped me to detox from pill and from other toxins such as mercury I had in my teeth fillings, which was probably the cause of my bad skin. There is still a bit more to go to achieve a beautiful skin, but with these amazing results I have so far I am looking forward to my future consultations with Claire.

Suzana Senkova

Having suffered from irregular periods for the past 14 years, baffling doctors as well as specialists, I was always on the look out for something to help. I’ve tried every contraception pill on the market, the injection, coil etc. Once stopping any treatment, my constant spotting returned. After a year and getting very fed up with it all, I gave in and did what the doctors had been advising for years “to go back on the pill’! Although the pill ensured that I had regular periods, I felt unhappy, even depressed, moody, anxious, bloated, stressed, tired, emotional, just not myself… It didn’t really occur to me that it was the pill that was making me feel this way. I came across Claire’s blog about the pill and how it can make people feel. I felt like she was writing it about me, I could have ticked each and every problem that she was talking about. I also learnt that the pill wasn’t regulating my periods at all, it was in fact just faking it each month! I decided then and there to stop taking it. Homeopathy was my last chance! Having chatted to Claire on the phone, we decided that the Hormonal package would be the best thing for me to do. Claire is so easy to talk and open up to. As well as being prescribed the magic homeopathic remedies, I felt like I got a lot out of our hour long sessions, using her as a therapist too. The remedies that she prescribed have already helped solve a lot of different issues. I’m thrilled not to be pumping drugs into my body and for the natural remedies to be proving themselves. Since the day that I started taking the remedies (which are delicious balls of what taste like sugar!), my periods have regulated themselves, which is amazing. I wasn’t expecting results so quickly! Also, I’ve generally felt so much happier, more relaxed and back in control. Having finished my 4 month package and having had such positive results, I intend to continue seeing Claire. She’s helping me with my IBS, anxiety and insomnia and general well being , which is priceless! I can’t thank Claire enough and I highly recommend her to anyone who needs help, in any area. She’s a calming influence, a brilliant listener and seriously knows her stuff!

Leonie Green

After having had suffered from severe and very frequent headaches for 15 years (due to a snowboard accident and some other health issues), I decided to give homeopathy a try. Since then I met Claire twice and it’s always been really insightful and inspiring, I love how homeopathy makes me look at my issues in a different and more holistic way than I used to look at it from a purely medical point of view. It’s been about 8 months since I started the treatment with Claire and I’m delighted to report that my headaches have nearly gone away altogether. Instead of weekly headaches, I now have them maybe every 2 months, and instead of spending 3 days in bed I can now still function even at its worst and the headaches don’t take more than 2 days to go away now (as opposed to nearly a week). I’m still in treatment so there’s even hope for more. One very happy client!

Franziska Wick

Claire and I discovered each other in Wholefoods, Clapham Junction.  I was really suffering with hayfever symptoms (runny nose, sneezing, sore eyes, raised temperature, tiredness). Claire offered me an acute consultation there and then, and I have been seeing her at her regular clinic ever since. During the past year Claire has helped to wean me off the daily antihistamines I was using to manage my hayfever and skin allergies. Now that the hayfever season has come around again, I do have some symptoms which I am managing with Claire’s help, but I am really delighted not to be taking any conventional medicines at all. Claire’s approach has helped me to see the connection between my emotional states and my physical health, and also to realise that the decisions I make about what I put into my body will have a direct impact on other symptoms. For example, she explained that the contraceptive pill puts a lot of pressure on my liver, as did the antihistamines. Although I am still taking the Pill, I am so glad that I was able to come off the antihistamines. As Claire told me when I started on this journey, ‘healing is not an event, it’s a process’.


Although a believer in homeopathy I had never tried it before. I met Claire at an event where she was talking about her 8 weeks Spring Clean Detox programme. As I had been feeling a little sluggish and was getting puffy feet, ankles and hands I decided I could do with a detox so signed on. Claire was welcoming, professional and took time to listen asking pertinent questions here and there. One of the remedies, Arnica, helped clear a painful knuckle that I had had for some time which was pleasing. The detox helped with my puffiness and also I believe I gained more energy no longer falling asleep at the computer in the afternoon. On my second visit I was quite distraught as one of my cats had gone missing and Claire gave me another remedy to help manage the sadness and guilt. Claire has a lovely gentle manner which encourages openness. I recommend her services and will also keep using her myself.


What I liked about Claire is that she took the time to get to know me, before prescribing anything. It was good to talk about my life, concerns, anxieties, which helped in itself and I felt the prescription provided by Claire helped me almost immediately. I will continue to see Claire on regular occasions. Claire is very approachable and warm.


I used to have terrible pains in my feet, from the base of the tendons all the way up to the tops of my legs. The pains were at times unbearable to the extent that I was sometimes unable to stand up. Numerous doctors and consultants had told me in not as many words that there was nothing they could do for me and that I was going to have to live with it. After having homeopathy recommended to me, I met Claire and she suggested some remedies for me to take. I began taking them a few days later and the pains stopped shortly thereafter. When she first prescribed the remedies to me, she made it clear that I may not see an improvement instantly, but oddly that is exactly what happened! Claire seems to have a natural gift for matching the right remedies to the right people. I recommend Claire to everyone I know. She has a very pleasant manner and is adept at putting people at their ease.


I became more and more interested in homeopathic remedies when Claire suggested a treatment plan to help me throughout my pregnancy. Test results showed I had symptoms of pre-eclampsia and understandably I was worried. A difficult first-time pregnancy coupled with excessively long office hours and the stresses of moving house were alleviated by a carefully assembled combination of remedies. Similarly the carpel tunnel syndrome in my arms, wrists and fingers brought on by pregnancy were also healed with the help of homeopathy. Claire wrote out a simple treatment plan for the stages of labour, and the birth, and my husband followed the instructions as a guide. I gave birth to a healthy baby boy, who has since grown into a strong and confident toddler. Homeopathy has certainly worked for me and my son!

Sioni & William

Just to let you know, Zeno’s stomach was fine the morning after one day of three doses of what you gave us! Yes, he came out all energetic, happy and walking for the first time!

Ujin (mother of Zeno)

I used to be sceptical about homeopathic remedies but Claire has completely changed my opinion & opened my mind up to a different way of thinking. She recommended remedies for my bad period pain & for bruising (I’m very clumsy!) and the results spoke for themselves. When I went through some emotional distress, I felt I needed that extra support – Claire helped me enormously, through the remedies and also her advice, positive attitude and general outlook on life which left me feeling truly inspired and motivated.


After years of bad habits and a toxic lifestyle I found myself miserable, ill and overwhelmed. Doctors visits were never successful and I couldn’t face yet another prescription drug with side-effects scarier than the symptoms they were supposed to treat. So, I decided to try homeopathy for its natural and holistic approach. Claire has been an absolute joy to work with. Her knowledge and wonderful intuition help uncover the deeper underlying causes of illness so that true healing can begin.


My child is 4 years old, and is being suffering from many conditions: swollen tonsillitis and adenoids , poor-apatite, and what seems to be growth-failure as she looks smaller than her peer groups and has small bone density. I have been going back and forth to the doctors (both private and NHs), but could not find the help I wanted or was hoping to get. I was advised by our GP that I should go ahead the surgery (to be removed both her tonsillitis and adenoids) and by doing so her apatite would improve. When I asked the doctor (specialist E.N.T) if there was any other option than going under the knife, the doctor got angry, got up and said, come back when you are ready for the operation as this place is only for surgery. I said to myself, there must be another option, so I went straight to the Whole Foods, Clapham Juction, where Claire was holding a clinic (to ask help and advice). One-nice lady from Whole Foods, advised me to see Claire. Meeting Claire was easy and helpful, she really listened and friendly chatted with my child. She was professional. Claire talked about what to expecting during and after the treatment, and also told me how long the treatment might take. My child is getting her second treatment from Claire and I can already see great improvement. Her first treatment, the swelling of her tonsillitis reduced and her breathing improved, as the mucus of her nose started to clear for nearly a week, also, her appetite got better (this is first time that she is telling me that she is hungry), as I used always ask her if she wanted food! She started to put on weight, gradually. Even though the doctors noticed her improvement, they still want us to go ahead the operation. I asked them to give us one more chance, so our last visit would be (hopefully) at the end of this month. Hopefully, will keep you update.I would advise 100% to anyone who has similar condition to try to homeopathy under Claire. Thank you Claire, and see you soon in order to continue the treatment. Kind regards.

Filsan (mother of Mia)

Claire is very easy to talk to and an excellent listener. She is always thorough with her diagnoses and really knows her stuff. I have often rung her up with queries about natural health and with descriptions of symptoms I may be experiencing – she seems to always have an answer that makes total sense to my situation. It’s like she can read my body’s mind. I have been using homeopathy for a few years now and occasionally was given it as a child. It has helped me tremendously with a number of problems, big and small, including anxiety, depression, shyness, polycystic ovaries, hayfever, joint pain, and acne. I never thought that it would really help much or even do anything to be honest. Now that it has, I can honestly say that my life really has changed for the better, and I feel in myself that I am an altogether healthier, happier and more confident person with a better understanding of my body. The power of homeopathy is astonishing.


I have had skin complaints on and off throughout my life. Conventional medicine offered rapid relief but an equally rapid return of symptoms. After consultation with Claire, she linked deeper emotional fears to my reoccurring skin condition. I struggled to accept this explanation between emotional and physical symptoms however, after taking the remedies I noticed my skin improve and eventually heal completely. I understand that homeopathy heals the root cause, the result of which is the disappearance of symptoms. Homeopathy, is what conventional medicine should be – a cure.


Alternative medicine has over the years helped me combat the chronic ailments I had suffered as a child that conventional medicine failed to treat. Ever since my late teens I had suffered from mild acne which was manageable but got worse during my mid twenties. I decided one day that enough was enough and acted upon a referral to start homeopathic treatment to help me overcome this embarrassing issue. Sometimes we overlook certain factors that could be causing a medical problem and as I felt that my diet and fitness were at acceptable levels it was a challenge to see what the therapy would uncover. Upon my first consultation I was given a thorough examination. In depth questions were asked about my lifestyle, food habits, known allergies, fitness regime and so on. This fact finding process was extremely therapeutic, Claire put me at ease straight away and helped me uncover interesting factors that may have caused my acne over the years. She went on to explain what homeopathy is and how it works. Upon observation I came to realise that Claire has an amazing knowledge of this area of medicine which made it easier for me to trust her. Following her guidance and expertise along with the prescribed remedies I received, has meant that now I live a far more happier life, I have my confidence back and feel like a different person. I only have Claire to thank, if I could give some advise I would encourage anyone to try homeopathy, it really does provide long term natural solutions without any long term damage to your body which are the risks that are associated with most conventional medicines.


During the time I have known Claire she has never failed to offer advice, solutions and remedies to help me overcome a number of challenges I faced. I feel that through the support and advice Claire has given me I have been able to turn my life around from one which I was desperately unhappy with to one which I love and enjoy. Claire’s positive attitude has been very inspiring and helped me to see a new perspective and possibilities.


I never really understood what homeopathy was all about; I thought it was a load of hocus pocus if I am being completely honest (and ignorant). However, from meeting the lovely Claire I soon came to realise that homeopathy definitely is a different world which I regret I didn’t discover years ago. I had a session with Claire as I was suffering from mild panic attacks. The session has definitely reduced the amount of panic attacks I now experience. I will continue to have sessions with Claire as she is very approachable, professional, comforting and passionate about homeopathy.


I found Claire to be extremely approachable and easy to talk to about my problems, she has a great talent for pinpointing the route of a symptom and prescribing suitable treatments, whilst also leaving you feeling motivated and positive about your recovery.


At the age of 30 years – I have suffered with hormonal issues and imbalance since my mid-teens. I was on the contraceptive pill for 10 years which was very detrimental to my health. Claire has helped me detox from the Pill as well as find a solution to my acne riddled skin. The treatments took long to ‘kick in’ but after about 3-4 weeks I have noticed a vast improvement in my skin and the severity of the pimples I am getting. I also had my first pain free years! No migraine, no can only get better! I look forward to the next phase of treatment with Claire on this healing journey.

Wendy Bushula

Hi Claire, I wanted to thank you for your support and the remedies given for my recurrent boils, it was a painful experience once a month for over two years and I can say that I have not had one since the last prescription was given; it definitely worked for me and I will recommend you without hesitation. I have not had any symptoms since September and no side effects, I believe that the Pill detox treatment worked and all I got are the scars left from those unwanted boils. Thank you so much again for the treatment, all I can say is that a little of bit of patience and time is needed in order to see the real results.


The treatment worked well, my skin is no longer excessively oily and I only get the occasion pre-menstrual spot which I can cope with! Overall I’m very pleased so thank you.


I went to Claire at the end of a long relationship with the pill – I had taken it for 8 years without problems. Then I had an abnormal smear test that made me look closer at my health.  I decided to stop the pill and felt like I’d been launched into puberty again, with spots, oily skin and hair and more hair growth on my body than usual. Not what I was expecting at 31! I’m pleased to say that this has all cleared up with her pill detox programme, however the real result has come from what I have learned about myself along the way. I didn’t expect to make so many connections between my physical symptoms, my emotions and character, but it makes complete sense.  Claire is very insightful and her warm and gentle manner makes it very easy to talk about things.  What I’ve learned about myself has been empowering and I feel extremely positive about what lies ahead in life.


My son (2 years old) was suffering with swollen adenoids.causing him to mouth breathe, drool and snore at night. He was also suffering from Sleep Apnea. The conventional doctor prescribed a steroid nose spray and an extraction in a few weeks. After extensive research, I was adamant to find a safer and better alternative to the choice the Dr. had offered. Claire got some remedies to me very quickly and within a few days his breathing improved. And within a month he has almost no symptoms of swollen Adenoids. I can highly recommend Homeopathy to treat an ailment such as Adenoids or Tonsils. The thought of removing a vital part of the immune system really scares me – when something as simple as an allergy or irritation could be the cause. Seeking safer and gentler treatment alternatives leads to a happy healthy family! Thanks Claire!

Wendy Bushula (mother of Mak)

Claire was a great help to me with my gynecological problem, she was professional and empathic, and her treatment really helped my condition. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.


Claire is a thorough and skilled homeopath. I was suffering from a particularly persistent cold which the medicines I normally take didn’t seem to be having much effect on, and she suggested a couple of homeopathic remedies which worked almost instantly.


I’m very impressed with the level of professionalism I was treated by Claire. I was having breathing problems and I went for a consultation as NHS doctors couldn’t help much. I can feel I’m getting better already and I can’t wait for the next consultation. I definitely recommend her.


Claire is a very thorough and professional homeopath. My sessions with her were extremely helpful and always fun. She is friendly and approachable, with a great sense of humour, all of which helped put me at ease. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to explore alternative treatments.



A discovery call gives you time to tell me more about what’s going on for you, ask me questions and see how I might be able to help.

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