What exactly is a homeopathic pill detox?

Many of the clients I work with would benefit from a detox from the contraceptive pill. Some have been on it for years and can’t quite remember why they went on it in the first place; others have come off of it but are still suffering with side-effects. Generally it was used as a reliable form of contraception but for most it was used to control hormonal issues such as acne or heavy, painful, irregular or absent periods. Either way, most of my clients don’t really remember what their true cycle was like or were so young when they first started taking it that their cycle had never established itself. For those who have been off it for quite some time, they are still feeling the effects. IBS symptoms, acne, depression, anxiety, PMS, low libido, weight gain, hair loss – many of these symptoms came on during or after pill use and are making them miserable.

Firstly though, what’s so wrong with the pill?

The pill allowed us to ‘make love, not babies’ and was hailed as a feminist success. It certainly gave women sexual freedom but it also has detrimental side-effects that are rarely discussed. The pill is no longer just used as a form of contraception, it’s now seen as a cure all for many hormonal related disorders. But pill drugs are not hormones! They are hormone-like molecules that are similar to, but not identical to your own natural hormones.

The pill does not regulate your hormones, it switches them off completely.

When you have a period on the pill, this is known as a withdrawal bleed, it is not a period. Pill bleeds are pharmaceutically induced bleeds which are coordinated into a 28 day pattern to mimic your natural cycle. Pill bleeds could easily be coordinated to be longer or shorter. The pill robs you of essential vitamins and minerals, namely B-Vitamins and Zinc. It also damages your intestinal bacteria leading to a food intolerance or IBS, and increases your risk of headaches, thrush and abnormal smear tests. Many women report experiencing brain fog while on the pill, this is because the pill puts enormous pressure on your liver so essentially you are feeling the effects of toxicity on your system. But more alarmingly, many women find they feel emotionally numb when on the pill. Often in relationships or jobs that don’t really serve them but lacking in energy or determination to leave. When we are out of sync with our natural flow and hormonal changes then we lose touch with who we really are. We don’t experience the natural high around ovulation, or the need to hibernate and reflect before and during our period, all this has been suppressed.

How can homeopathy help?

In my practice I help women detox from the contraceptive pill regardless if they’re still taking it, have recently come off or came off it years ago. With homeopathic remedies I aim to support your liver and find remedies that are individual to the symptoms you are experiencing. There are a number of homeopathic remedies that have the symptom ‘never been well since hormonal drugs’. These remedies aim to gently detox and support the hormonal system and restore balance and harmony.

Detoxing doesn’t have to be unpleasant.

The homeopathic detox process doesn’t involve uncomfortable practices like fasting, taking lots of supplements or drinking copious amounts of green juices (although some of these can be helpful too!). It’s simply involves taking small sugar pillules (which have the homeopathic remedy on the outside) which you dissolve on the tongue at set times on set days depending on your individual prescription.

What to expect.

Most clients report a change in their natural cycle after starting the pill detox, sometimes the period may come earlier or later than expected. The blood flow and length of period might be different and their mood may be different too. This is a sign that the body is trying to reset and get the natural hormones fired up again, usually this doesn’t last longer than 1-3 cycles. Many women report how much happier they feel after only a couple of sessions. Their partner usually notices a change too, particularly if the client was suffering with PMS that made her feel irritable or emotional! For those not ready to come off the pill yet it’s a chance to prepare their body for when they do. Many clients have tried to come off cold-turkey and have experienced acne or absent period and are understandably nervous to come off again. Doing a homeopathic pill detox prior as well as after coming off the pill can be helpful in preparing the body.

Why homeopathy?

Homeopathy is one of the few natural therapies that can help detox drugs and toxins from the body in a gentle and individualised way. If you would like find out more, then please contact me or comment on this blog post. I look forward to hearing from you.

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