What the Chinese have to say about your liver.Chinese medicine and homeopathy

My new client Rachel* booked an appointment to see me as she felt her hormones were out of balance after 8 years of using the contraceptive pill and working long hours in a stressful job. Rachel also had other health complaints like feeling depressed and irritable, suffering with frequent headaches, joint pain and itchy, spotty skin. I asked her “Do you also tend to wake up at night around 3am?” Rachel looked at me surprised, “Yes I do, how do you know that?”

Chinese Medicine and Homeopathy

Well, it’s not because I’m psychic! It’s because I also rely on Chinese medicine observations to help me pinpoint what is going on with my client’s health and their organ function. According to Chinese medicine, Rachel is showing classic signs that her liver isn’t functioning too well.

Chinese medicine has a very sophisticated empirical based model (The 5 Elements) developed over many centuries. The 5 elements help provide a very useful tool to help homeopaths understand the links between the physical and the energetic body and how this affects our health.

Chinese medicine has the advantage as a complementary system of having a 5-thousand year history of observation and clinical practice, and a well-defined body of theory. Hence why us homeopaths like to borrow their notes!

Talking through all the aspects of Chinese medicine (Chi, Yin, Yang, Duality, Five Elements, Meridians, Shen, Jing) is a whole other blog post. In this post, I just want to concentrate on why it’s such a useful tool in my homeopathic practice and what it says about Rachel’s health.

Emotions and the liver

Rachel complained of feeling depressed and irritable. According to Chinese medicine the emotion of anger is related to the condition of the liver. A person with a weak liver tends to be more easily enraged, and by being enraged, the anger in return will damage the liver, causing a vicious cycle. The liver also filters toxins and after 8 years of being on the contraceptive pill, it is clear that Rachel’s liver has been given a good pounding and is suffering from the toxicity.

The liver is not just a place where toxins are deposited, but is also the storehouse for toxic emotions, particularly suppressed anger. This tends to gather here and may eventually explode outwards later. Unexpressed anger can lead to depression, shame, jealousy or irritability, which further depletes our energy levels and can damage the immune system. The liver gives life, its health reflects how much we embrace life or how self-destructive we are. A healthy liver encourages enthusiasm, inner strength and resilience.

Rachel’s itchy skin, headaches, stiff joints just presented further that her liver needed some extra support.

I sent Rachel home with some homeopathic remedies to support the liver, in this case I used Chelidonium and some hormone balancing remedies to help detox the contraceptive pill.

The Chinese Medicine Organ Clock

Rachel also mentioned she woke up around 3am, but what has this got to do with her liver? The flow of vital energy to an organ is known in Chinese medicine as The Organ Clock. To a homeopath, this also corresponds to the remedies too. For example, a remedy called Kali-Carb tends to feel worse between 2-4am and wakes with a cough and is unable to sleep. This time is when the peak energy flow runs from the liver to the lungs. This added observational tool helps homeopaths select remedies and support the organs that are weakest.

So, today I leave you with this interactive, amazing Chinese medicine organ clock:

Click here for the link

Have a think about times of day you don’t feel your best, or the times of night that you tend to wake up and see how that correlates to the organ clock and what is says about the energy of that particular organ.  Share below your thoughts and observations!

Until next time, have a happy, healthy week!


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*names have been changed.

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