Homeopathy and hormonal headaches. Julie’s story. 

It’s the time of the month and you’re suffering with a splitting headache. Sound familiar? Hormonal headaches are a common occurrence for many women during their cycle; in fact some 5 million women suffer some form of hormonal headache every month according to researchers.

Causes of hormonal headaches

The hormones oestrogen and progesterone, which play key roles in regulating the menstrual cycle and pregnancy, may affect headache-related chemicals in the brain. Steady oestrogen levels may improve headaches, while oestrogen levels that lower or change can make headaches worse.

Hormonal headaches can appear at different times throughout your cycle, for some at the time of ovulation, others before, during or after their period.

Periods aren’t the only trigger of hormonal headaches. Other causes can include:

  • The contraceptive pill. Some women report more frequent attacks when on the pill, especially in the pill-free week when oestrogen levels drop.
  • The menopause. Headaches usually worsen as you approach the menopause, partly because periods come more often and partly because the normal hormonal cycle is disrupted.
  • Pregnancy. Headaches can get worse in the first few weeks of pregnancy, but they usually improve or stop completely during the last six months.

Debilitating pain

Hormonal headaches can start as early as 11 days before the menstrual cycle and occur alongside other premenstrual syndrome symptoms such as acne outbreak, anxiety, emotional sensitivity, constipation, food cravings and fatigue. During this time, the hormonal headaches can be seriously debilitating. Since, the symptoms are similar to those of migraine with throbbing pain on one side of the head, vomiting and sensitivity to bright light and noise, hormonal headaches are mistaken for migraine headaches. The severity of these headaches however differ from one woman to the next.

Though fluctuating hormone levels can influence headache patterns, you don’t have to be completely at the mercy of your hormones!

Homeopathy and hormonal headaches

My client, Julie Lines had suffered with hormonal headaches for over 20 years. After seeing various doctors and trying all sorts of pain-relief medication, she decided that it was ‘just the way she was’ and learnt to live with them. After a tip off from a friend, Julie decided to give Homeopathy a try and began working with me via Skype. Here is her story 5 months after homeopathic treatment:

Julie Lines

Julie Lines – former hormonal headache sufferer

“Thank you Claire, for helping me back to balance! I suffered with horrible migraines monthly for over 20 years and within 5 months, they have almost entirely gone! I never realised I could be free of them and just resigned myself to believe that it was “just the way I was”. My doctors had only ever prescribed pain-killers and I didn’t once have a conversation with them to try to uncover the source and to work with this to find balance again. You have been a great healer – looking at me as a whole person, considering everything in my life and looking for clues about what might be causing the headaches in the first place. You are very intuitive as well and on a number of occasions you managed to uncover things about me that I hadn’t been able to see for myself and then prescribed me balancing remedies, that have worked like magic! The whole process has been both enlightening and really easy for me and I HIGHLY recommend anyone with any sort of pain, imbalance to work with you. Our bodies are meant to work wonderfully, we are not meant to suffer. Thank you Claire for helping me to come back to balance and to let go of those debilitating and very painful headaches, it means the world to me.”

Julie Lines, Derbyshire.

Do you know someone being debilitated by hormonal headaches or migraines? Perhaps you are a sufferer yourself? If you’re interested to find out more about how homeopathy can help you, please contact me to arrange a free 15-minute clarity call via telephone or Skype.

Until next time, have a happy, healthy week!

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