Top tips for combating flu top tips for combatting flu

Winter can be beautiful time of year, but it can also bring misery to those suffering with colds and flu. I remember a friend telling me about her recovery from flu; she described it as essentially losing 9 days of her life.

Flu indeed can be debilitating and feels nothing like a cold, it can leave you exhausted, in pain and unable to move. Homeopaths believe that if your body is generally healthy, you have a much higher chance of success in fighting any disease, including flu. Therefore, it’s important to have homeopathic treatment before you become seriously ill with an acute disease.  On one hand, it will help you deal with all the symptoms you may be suffering with now, and on the other, it will make your body stronger and more able to fight off whatever acute infection may come along.

Once you do get sick, homeopathic treatment is very effective in improving your body’s ability to fight off the infection, thereby reducing duration and intensity of the disease. It is important to understand that homeopathic remedies do not cure a disease, they just improve your body’s ability to do it naturally on its own.

Here are my top tips for combating flu

  • Sleep and rest as much as possible. A fever is the body’s way of attacking the virus and should ideally not be suppressed with medication. While your fever is high you may not be hungry but should stock up on fruit and vegetables once it comes down.
  • Do not attempt to go back to work before you are completely better! Post-viral fatigue is not uncommon with flu; you should feel better within 3-7 days.
  • Acidic fruits are high in vitamin C and also have the necessary mineral salts to keep the blood alkaline. Mineral salts are used up during flu.
  • A fresh, raw juice diet high in citrus is ideal, and for several days afterwards as this will help to prevent complications. Ideal foods are orange, yellow or red – tomatoes, paprika, swede, pumpkins, squashes, as well as oranges, grapefruits, lemons pineapples and limes.
  • Drink at least 2 litres of water per day.
  • Take Echinacea as a herbal tincture and suck zinc lozenges. Take 3-5 grams of Biocare Vitamin C powder per day. Zinc is a powerful immunostimulant that nourishes the cells. Vitamin C increases the number and quality of white blood cells.
  • High strength garlic has antiviral and antibacterial properties.
  • Use Pine and Lavender essential oils mixed with almond oil as a chest rub.
  • Drink honey, lemon, and fresh ginger in hot water.
  • Take Colloidal Silver internally if an infection appears to be starting (earache, chesty cough).
  • When you start to feel better, eat high protein easily digestible foods like chicken soup – add paprika and or cayenne pepper to these.
  • Your health is your responsibility – ALWAYS DO WHAT YOU THINK IS RIGHT- if that means calling your homeopath, taking medicines, going to the doctor or all three, do it!

Some common homeopathic remedies for flu (ideally to be taken in a 30c or 200c potency 3-6 times daily)

Aconite: Sudden onset of the flu with great anxiety and fear. Patient thinks they are about to die. Better: in fresh air Worse: in a warm room, in the evening or at night, lying on the left side, hearing music, when exposed to tobacco smoke.

BaptisiaLooks drowsy and drunk.  Flu that comes on suddenly with high fever and a feeling of being bruised all over. Profuse sweating and an intense thirst.

Belladonna: Flu with a very high fever, red face and dilated pupils. Dryness and burning heat. Everything is intense and concentrated in the head. Swollen throat and white spots on tonsils. Craving for lemonade. Better: standing, sitting upright, in a warm room. Worse: any noise, bright light, movement, lying down, night.

Bryonia Extremely irritable. Flu with a slow onset, severe, throbbing headache and body pains.  All symptoms are worse from any motion. Better: pressure, rest. Worse: any excitement, noise, touch, movement, bright light, from eating and coughing and at around 3am and 9pm.

Ferrum Phos: Flu without any localising or characteristic symptoms. Very high fever. Worse: Right side.

Gelsemium: Slow onset Flu with chills and paralytic weakness.  They feel as if run over by a truck. This tends to be the number 1 flu remedy. No thirst.  Worse: early morning and last thing at night, in the sun, and when exposed to tobacco smoke. Better: urination, fresh air.

Until next time, have a happy, healthy week!

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